J.W. CORBETT WILDLIFE MGT. AREA - untitled-10John R. Math is a landscape and wetlands photographer based in Jupiter, Florida. He creates landscape and wetlands images of the various northern Palm Beach County natural areas. Since 2007 Math has participated in more than 80 group and solo art exhibitions both in the United States and Europe.

Math is self-taught and as a boy he was introduced to photography and film through his Grandmother. He has had a life-long love of photography and at one point studied to become a photographer. While serving as a “photographer’s helper” to various commercial photographers in New York City and Fort Lauderdale, he realized that commercial photography as a profession was very restrictive and that the “client’s” ideas would always win.

Upon this realization, John then embarked on a successful career in the real estate business. His love of photography and the arts never left him and he always knew that at some point in his life that he would return to that medium to express himself with images, rather than through the written word.

He now devotes most of my time to photography, taking and creating the kinds of images that he feels inspired to take. Math states this about his art, “At this point in my life, I have finally found in photography what I wanted to find so many years ago – that being the freedom to express myself in any way that inspires me and not just to the wishes of some “client”.

John also runs and operates the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. Light Space & Time conducts monthly themed art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis.