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Apoxee Trail

Apoxee Wilderness Trail

Apoxee (pronounced “Ah-po-ee”) is the first in the City of West Palm Beach’s series of urban wilderness parks, set aside for preservation and public enjoyment. Apoxee, which means “beyond tomorrow” in the Miccosukee language, is especially unique and visionary due to plans to use its wetlands as a new water supply (maximum 10 million gallons per day) in order to achieve both urban and environmental water sustainability!

In the wet prairies and tropical hammocks of Apoxee Park, the first urban wilderness area in Palm Beach County, you’ll walk over and through the water supply of West Palm Beach.

A fascinating 4.7-mile day hike showcasing the sheet flow of water through habitats that thrive in humidity and dampness, the Apoxee Wilderness Trail features a mix of boardwalks, crushed limestone, and natural surfaces underfoot on a loop that includes a section of the Owahee Trail, a lengthy berm that runs through all of Grassy Waters Preserve.

Location:   The Apoxee Trail is located at 3125 North Jog Road in West Palm Beach, Florida.  West of the Florida Turnpike, on Okeechobee Boulevard west ½ mile to Jog Road, then north ½ mile on the west side of Jog Road.  For further information on the Apoxee Trail.